ScooterZone Australia is Sydney's leading freestyle push scooter speciality store & online shop, with the cheapest prices.

At ScooterZone, we take push scooters seriously. Our first store was established when the sport first began back in 2007, and we have grown to be the world's largest, and first multi-national scooter store. Today, we manufacture, distribute and retail the world's biggest and best professional freestyle scooter brands - including Phoenix, Apex, Proto, Epic, Downside, Razor, Madd Gear, French ID, Tilt, Pro Comp, Envy, District, Lucky, Fasen, Addict, Ethic, Odyssey, TSI, Bones and ODI.

Whether you are looking for a 3 wheel beginner scooter for a toddler, a stylish scooter to go to and from work, a cruiser scooter to get around on or a top of the line professionally custom built scooter to thrash around the parks - we have the perfect scooter for you!