Envy Prodigy Scooters - New Colours in Store Now!! Red and Purple

In response to the huge demand for their most affordable complete scooter, Envy Scooters has just released the Envy Prodigy Scooter in two new colours - Red and Purple:

Envy Prodigy Scooter - Red

Envy Prodigy Scooter - Purple

To celebrate the release of the new colours in store - they will be on sale for a limited time. 

And remember - WE GUARANTEE THE CHEAPEST ENVY PRODIGY SCOOTERS IN AUSTRALIA - if you see one cheaper elsewhere - let us know and we'll beat their price, or you get it FREE!

Envy Scooters - Envy Prodigy Scooter Purple

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District Deck Sale on now at Scooter Zone Australia!!

District Decks on Sale at Scooter Zone Australia! 

District Scooters has developed a reputation in the scooter scene for developing quality, affordable, and stylish scooter decks for the beginner to intermediate riders - and now they're available on the all new Australian Scooter Zone website. District decks are perfect for younger riders, or any rider who demands a lighter deck to improve their performance. If you weigh over 40kg and like to thrash your scooter around, then we wouldn't recommend you opt to choose a District Deck - you'd be better off looking at a Pheonix Deck which is manufactured to handle the punishment.

We now have a handful of District DK1 V2 decks and District V3 Integrated decks on sale for a limited time only. To get yours, follow the links below - but BE QUICK! 

District Deck DK1 V2 - Blue

District Deck DK1 V2 - White

District Deck DK1 V2 - Black

District Deck DK1 V2 - Purple

District Integrated Deck DK2 V3 - White


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Phoenix Deck Online Clearance Sale on now at Scooter Zone Australia!

Phoenix Scooters has developed a reliable reputation for having the one of the strongest scooter decks on the market, and you can get them all here at ScooterZone Australia!

We are having a MASSIVE CLEARANCE SALE on ALL Phoenix Decks, so be sure to get on over to the Scooter Zone Australia website to find the LOWEST PRICES ever! We guarantee that you will not find a better price on Phoenix Scooter Decks in Australia - and if you do - we'll beat it or you get it free!

That's our promise at ScooterZone - to deliver you the best scooter parts, at the lowest prices. Be sure to get in quick, because they won't last long at these unbelievable prices!

Follow the below links to find the perfect Phoenix Scooter Deck for you!

Phoenix Reventon Scooter Deck

Phoenix Integrated Scooter Deck

Phoenix Standard Scooter Deck

Phoenix Decks on Sale! Phoenix Reventon Deck Phoenix Integrated Deck Phoenix Standard Deck

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ENVY Signature Scooter Decks - Exclusive Online Only Sale!

Everybody is raving about the all new 2013 Envy Signature Scooter Decks from Envy Scooters, and they just got even better at ScooterZone. 

ScooterZone Manly is offering an unbelievable exclusively ONLINE ONLY price for the AOS V2 Signature Decks. Get on over to the online store today. We guarantee that you will not find a better price on these decks in Australia - and if you do - we'll beat it or you get it free!

That's our promise at ScooterZone - to deliver you the best scooter parts, at the lowest prices. Be sure to get in quick, because they won't last long at these unbelievable prices!

Follow the below links to the deck of your favourite Envy Pro Rider:

Envy AOS V2 Signature Deck - Ludovic Pistat - Blue

Envy Signature Deck - Jake Clarke - Red

Envy 2013 AOS Signature Deck - Ryan Upchurch - White

Envy 2013 Signature Deck - Max Peters - Purple

Envy AOS Signature Deck - Charles Padel - Black

Which one do you want to ride today?

Envy Signature Decks On Sale at ScooterZone

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The ENVY Prodigy Complete Scooter - from Envy Scooters - Now at Scooter Zone Manly!

Envy Scooters has just released its beginner / intermediate Complete Scooter for 2013 - the ENVY Prodigy Scooter. Now available in store and online at Scooter Zone Manly!

Just follow the below link:

ENVY SCOOTERS - THE 2013 ENVY PRODIGY COMPLETE SCOOTER - CHEAPEST ENVY SCOOTERS IN AUSTRALIAEnvy Scooters - Envy Prodigy Scooter Blue - Cheapest Envy Scooters from ScooterZone

The Envy Prodigy Complete Scooter is definitely one of the best value push scoots for the beginner / intermediate rider. The Envy Prodigy Complete is very similar to the 2013 Envy King of Spades Complete Scooter, however comes with a more affordable price tag. The only significant differences between the two is that the Envy Prodigy Scooter comes with 100mm wheels (KOS has 110mm), it comes with Cro-Mo hanger bars (the KOS has the original Envy Stripper Bars), has a double clamp as standard (the Envy KOS scooter has a quad clamp) and doesn't have the graphics that the King of Spades Complete scooter comes with. 

Envy Scooters is developing a good reputation in the market these days with their affordable complete scooters, so if you're a junior rider looking to upgrade your old Razor or Madd Gear scooter, this is defintely the scooter for you!

PRICE GUARANTEE - At ScooterZone - we guarantee that we have the cheapest scooters and scooter parts in Australia. If you've seen something  you're looking for in a legitimate Australian store at a better price, let us know, and we'll beat it! Just send us an email at info@scooterzone.com.au

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Envy Scooters Introduces it's 2013 Envy Complete - the Envy King of Spades Scooter!

We waited a long time for Envy Scooters to release their next complete scooter, the Envy King of Spades Complete Scooter - but as ScooterZone's very own Matt Somers reports, it was definitely worth the wait! 

Envy Scooters is fast building a reputation in the market for building top quality after market scooter parts, and now with the release of their second Envy complete scooter, it seems that they are pathing their way in the pro scooter scene as a real force when competing with the other big scooter brands who have released their own completes.

So how does this scoot stack up? Matt Somers gives you a little run down in this vid below:

If you want to hit up the parks with an Envy King of Spades Complete Scooter, be sure to get on over to the Scooter Zone Australia online store where we are running an unbelievably good deal on these scoots. Just follow this LINK. We Guarantee you won't find a better deal on Envy Scooters anywhere in Australia - and if you do - we guarantee to beat it, or you get it free. 

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Love to ride park and you're in the market for a new pair of Scooter Bars - have you considered EPIC Rewinds?

If you're in the market for a new pair of high quality after market Scooter Bars at an affordable price, then a pair of the EPIC Rewind Scooter Bars are just the thing you're looking for.

Designed with a simple drop down T-bar, these scooter bars are perfect for any park rider who likes the feel of wide bars. In full size, they come as large as 24" high and 22" wide - however they can be professionally cut to any size you desire at no extra charge.

Manufactured from 4130 Chromoly and TIG welded for extra strength - these bars are super strong, and come with a 3 month warranty. 

So be sure to get yourself a pair today!

Check out what ScooterZone Pro Rider Nick Donatelli has to say in his review below:

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Razor Ultra Pro Custom Scooter

Now... Something for the beginner a Razor Ultra Pro Custom Scooter!
For any youngsters out there looking to get their first custom scooter with an affordable price tag, you can't go too far wrong with a Razor Ultra Pro Scooter decked out with some good quality after-market scooter parts. A simple Razor Ultra Pro custom build will typically set you back somewhere between $150 - $220 - depending on the build you want. We'll do whatever you want - just let us know. What's more - we don't charge for the build - and of course - we'll cut the bars to any size you want. 
You can't forget - nearly all the pros out there today started on a Razor Pro! 
Set-up for the scoots below:
- Razor Ultra Pro Deck,
- Black Label Razor Ultra Pro Bars,
- ODI Grips,
- Black Widow Grip Tape,
- Scooter Zone Pro Comp Fakey Brakes,
- Pro Comp double clamps,
- Scooter Zone Pro Comp Cyclone wheels. 
TOTAL COST: $219.99
If you want one - just email us at info@scooterzone.com.au or call us on (02) 8960 4944.

Razor Scooter Razor Ultra Pro Scooter Custom Scooter

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Want the Cheapest Proto Wheels in Australia?

More awesome deals on the website right now guys:
You want the CHEAPEST Proto Grippers and CHEAPEST Proto Slider Scooter wheels you can find anywhere in Australia? Well we've got them right here on the Australian Scooter Zone website!
And as always - if you've seen 'em cheaper anywhere in Australia - WE'LL BEAT their price, or you get them FREE!!
All you need to do is send us an email to info@scooterzone.com.au or contact us in store with the website and shop phone number so that we can check it's all legit, and we'll BEAT their price - GUARANTEED!
Gotta Love It!

Proto Wheels - Cheapest in Australia - Proto Grippers Proto Sliders

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